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If you can't view it in your PSP or iPod, it doesn't belong here!

次世代のジュークボックス-next generation's jukebox-
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J-rock videos for Ipod and PSP
Welcome to 次世代のジュークボックス! A community dedicated to all jrock (and sometimes other jmusic types) videos converted to be viewed on your PSP or iPod.
Feel free to share anything related to jrock you have

※Join to view
Empty journals (leechers, trolls, etc) won't be added
※Participate! Comment when you take, share when you have ♥ If you don't get any comment when you upload something, you're gonna think nobody likes that and will stop posting things right? everyone else thinks the same way.
※Refrain from posting things you didn't convert, and if you do so, give the proper credit.
※Have fun! no bashing, no flamming, if you don't like something (and it's nothing ilegal) just let it be.
※TAG TAG TAG!! it's easy! it's fun! help everyone find anything posted in this community.
※If you can't view it on your iPod or PSP it doesn't belong here!
※Try not to post more than 3 artist per post, if you post 43536 artists in a post, the tags would be useless.
※Don't request like mad or make requests in a new post, there will be a post every week with the unfullfilled requests where you will be able to request anything you want. Anyone making a new post requesting things will be warned, recidivist will be banned. Keep the comm clean!

Subject: bands you're including in the post, if you just include one song of a band, write both, if you include more than one band, just the bands names. Make it short and clear.
Contents: bold the band-write the title
If you know the specifications for the videos, write them.

Write the name of the band you're uploading videos of. See the tag list to see in which way the band's name is written, we don't need more than one tag per band.
After a comma, write PV if it's a promotional video what you're uploading, CM if it's a commercial what you're uploading, LIVE if it's a live what you're uploading and so on.
If you need a tag that doesn't exist, feel free to create it and leave a note in your post saying it, thanks!
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