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If you can't view it in your PSP or iPod, it doesn't belong here!
Members Only 
4th-Mar-2008 04:08 pm
Tsukimiya Ringo [UtaPri]
Welcome to ★☆次世代のジュークボックス☆★.
This community is...



※Join to view
Empty journals (leechers, trolls, etc) won't be added
※Participate! Comment when you take, share when you have ♥ If you don't get any comment when you upload something, you're gonna think nobody likes that and will stop posting things right? everyone else thinks the same way.
※Refrain from posting things you didn't convert, and if you do so, give the proper credit.
※Have fun! no bashing, no flamming, if you don't like something (and it's nothing ilegal) just let it be.
※TAG TAG TAG!! it's easy! it's fun! help everyone find anything posted in this community.
※If you can't view it on your iPod or PSP it doesn't belong here!
※Try not to post more than 3 artist per post, if you post 43536 artists in a post, the tags would be useless.

That's all. Easy rules, aren't they? Well then, welcome aboard! Go join~
11th-Oct-2008 05:55 pm (UTC)
I have PSP. I hope I could at least join the community? >XDDD

I promise to comment whenever I take comething. And I promise to be a good member. Can I join? Pretty please? =^-^=
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