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If you can't view it in your PSP or iPod, it doesn't belong here!
Short note 
23rd-Apr-2008 03:51 pm
Hey everyone!
Thanks for everyone who joined!

I just wanted to say a couple of things.
First of all, the main idea of this comm was when I began searching in lj communities jrock videos converted into psp and ipod viewable videos, since I didn't know how to convert them. I didn't find any comm like that and eventually learned how to convert the videos, so I made this comm to share what I converted and for others to share what they had. And a couple of posts after the creation of the comm, a friend showed me the comm that was already fulfilling the purpose of this one (I don't remember now the name, but if you want to know just ask and I'll search for it).
So, the thing is, it's pointless to have a community that does exactly the same as another one that already exists, so I'm just gonna change some rules and I'll start posting here anything I convert for ipod and psp, so everyone will be able to download. It's gonna be mainly japanese music, so don't worry the ones who joined the comm for that kind of music.

And secondly, as I remember, I left this comm open for members to post, so if anyone wants to post videos, feel free to do so, the only thing I ask for are the tags, it's gonna be a lot easier to have everything organized with tags.

Ok, this isn't as short as I said, but that's all, I'll start posting new videos as soon as schools stops drowning me.
Have a nice week~
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